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Who We Serve

Our clients range from private companies to Fortune 500 multinational corporations and include the legal community, family offices, financial advisors, and government and regulatory agencies.

Our Clients

We are engaged by legal counsel, boards of directors and other fiduciaries, private wealth clients, regulatory authorities and agencies, and financial professionals and advisors.

Legal Counsel

Many of our engagements involve disputes of one type or another. These disputes often fall into three categories: breach of contract, torts, and taxation. Accordingly, we are recognized for our thought leadership in forensic analysis services. Our forensic analysts provide both consulting expert services and testifying expert services.

  • Tax Counsel
  • Trust and Estate Counsel
  • Commercial Litigation Counsel
  • M&A Transaction Counsel
  • Securities Law Counsel
  • Family Law Counsel
  • ERISA Counsel
  • Intellectual Property Counsel
  • Corporate General Counsel

Boards of Directors and Fiduciaries

We routinely serve as independent financial advisors to assist both for-profit and not-for-profit entity boards of directors in the process of fulfilling their fiduciary duties.

  • Private Company Directors
  • Public Company Directors
  • Not-for-Profit Entity Directors
  • Private Wealth Fiduciaries
  • ERISA Fiduciaries

Private Wealth Clients

We help our clients navigate the complexities of managing, protecting, and passing on wealth using sophisticated investment, estate planning, and charitable giving strategies.

  • Family-Owned Businesses
  • Family Offices
  • Private Company Investors
  • Private Venture Capital Funds
  • Private Equity Funds

Financial Professionals, Authorities, and Agencies

We serve tax lawyers, tax accountants, tax representatives, estate planners, and taxing agencies and authorities

  • Accountants
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Controllers
  • Independent Auditors
  • Taxing Authorities and Agencies
  • Judicial Authorities and Agencies

ESOP Advisors

We are active in The ESOP Association and the National Center for Employee Ownership.

  • Legal Counsel
  • Trustees
  • Plan Administators
  • Sponsor Company Shareholders
  • ESOP Regulatory Authorities

Practice Areas

Our firm is known for producing the highest quality work on every client engagement. We work with some of the largest companies in the world, from family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. We serve clients with respect to taxation, complex transaction, and litigation engagements.